Kant and Molla Sadra have feelings of benevolence for humans

Professor Karim Mojtahedi  6/26/2014
Kant and Molla Sadra have feelings of benevolence for humans
Scholar and Tehran University Professor Karim Mojtahedi said at the 18th Congress of Molla Sadra that despite their philosophical ideas, both Immanuel Kant and Molla Sadra have feelings of benevolence for humans.



According to IBNA correspondent, speaking at this congress which is titled “Philosophy and Global Peace” and honors the outstanding Iranian philosopher and theosophist of the 17th century in Tehran, Mojtahedi stated that in Kant philosophy, ethics is superior to the rights, but rights cannot be extended.


Referring to the concept of “perpetual peace” in the works of Kant, he said: “Waging war and hatred is what the lunatics and corrupts do, unfortunately before peace we must talk of war and it is for the same reason that Tolstoy in his masterpiece ‘War and Peace’, at first puts the word, war. However peace is hope, and even at wars, the concept of peace is more powerful in the world.”


“The philosophy of Molla Sadra reflects the prophetic theosophy, but in Kant’s philosophy epistemology based on Newton's laws of motion is more significant. As Kant maintains, peace can be discussed in terms of philosophy of ethics and rights. He is the first thinker who speaks of need for an organization like the United Nations which might lead the countries to stop making war and compromise on peace,” the scholar said.


Mojtahedi then pointed out: “At first I chose the title, “Peace, the Horizon of Hope” for my lecture in this congress, but now I prefer to name it “Peace, the Horizon of Expectation”.


Karim Mojtahedi has authored more than 20 books on philosophy. He already received an UNESCO's Avicenna Prize for Ethics at the Forth Edition of International Farabi Festival. Furthermore, Iran’s Cultural Luminaries Association has granted him a plaque of honor for his lifetime achievements.




Source: IBNA News Agency




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