Modern psychology, Islam holds on dreaming explored

The recently released volume 'Dreams and Dreaming According to Contemporary Psychologists and Islamic Thinkers' offers a comparative study of western and Muslim scholars over the subject of dreaming.



"The book is compiled in two parts and ten chapters making a survey of the viewpoints of contemporary psychologists and the Holy Quran and Islamic scholars about the nature of dreams," said author Ali Esmaili.


Avicenna, Ebn Meskavayh, Farabi, Kendi, and Ghazali are some Islamic thinkers with theories about the nature of dreams. Among contemporary Islamic philosophers, Allameh Tabatabaei and Ayatollah Hassanzadeh Amoli's ideas are also discussed.


Esmaili added: "Having gathered the opinions of Muslim thinkers and western psychologists on dreams and dreaming, the book offers a comparative view of all these theories."


According to him, dreaming is a major issue in the theories of western psychologists and it could be definitely stated that western theories on this are more voluminous than what is found among Muslims. However, one can deduce Islamic holds by means of Quran and the opinions of Islamic scholars about the nature of dreaming.


Freud and Jung are the pioneers of writing on dreams; but today western psychologists have distanced from theorizing and show more interest in the physiology and monitoring of dreams instead.


"Freud finds dreams as reflections of the individual's unconscious whose analysis would lead to the exploration of unconscious thought."


The first issue of 'Dreams and Dreaming According to Contemporary Psychologists and Islamic Thinkers' is published by Shalak Publishing House.




Source: IBNA News Agency



Sep 26, 2011 13:52
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