Corbin's In Iranian Islam, vol. 2, underway

The second volume of Henry Corbin's "In Iranian Islam" is translated to Persian by Ensha-allah Rahmati and will be released soon.




Generally title as "Spiritual and Philosophical Aspects In Iranian Islam", the four-volume book is being converted to Persian by Ensha-allah Rahmati. The first volume is recently released to book market by Sofia Publications.


Rahmati said each volume deals with a certain aspect of Islam n Iran.


In the first volume, for instance, Corbin talks about the Twelver Shia branch of Islam and the second volume deals with Suhravardi and Persian Platonists. The third volume discusses Shiism and Sufism, the mystics and those absorbed in the love of God. The Isfahan School and Imam Mahdi (May God speed up his reappearance), he said. In fact, the fourth volume is a philosophical and spiritual interpretation of the Occultation according to Shia belief.


He also mentioned that the third and fourth volumes are also under translation and will be released in the future by Sofia Publications.


Rahmati has also published books on Avicenna and A Critique of Practical Reason through this publisher.




Source: IBNA News Agency



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