Where’s the oldest version of Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine kept?

Where’s the oldest version of Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine kept?
IBNA- The book written by Ibn Sina, “The Canon of Medicine” is one of the most distinguished books in medicine, however it is quite unknown where the oldest version of the masterpiece is held.



In an interview with IBNA, Ali Akbar Velayati, politician, former Foreign Minister and researcher of Iranian Islamic culture said that the oldest version of ‘The Canon of Medicine’ by Ibn Sina (Avicenna) is in St. Petersburg Library (the most ancient library in Russia) and that it has been rewritten in 1796 AD, 138 years after his death.


He stated that another version of the book held in the Malek Library is also of the oldest versions of this masterpiece.


However, Fatemeh Zarei, the manager of the Ibn Sina Museum in Hamadan, believes that the oldest version of Ibn Sina’s book is in this museum and has been written in the Safavid Era.

“’The Canon of Medicine’ was taught in Europe for 700 years and the principal book has been written in Arabic. The book is one of the major and extended books by Ibn Sina and It is one of the most significant works of the ancient times medicine,” she said.


The oldest version held in the Malek Museum belongs to the 12th century and it was granted to the museum by Lady Ezatolmolk Malek, the eldest daughter of Haj Hossein Agha Malek.


Najafgholi Habibi (PhD), who made recensions to “The Canon of Medicine” by Ibn Sina, declared last year that the oldest version of the book is held at the University of Tehran. “Ibn Sina rescued people from magic and superstitions in medicine by creating this masterpiece,” he added.

Ibn Sina began writing this book in Gorgan City (in the north of Iran) and wrote it in different regions of Iran due to political problems.


The main book is in Arabic and has been translated to Latin, French, German, English, Uzbek, Persian and Urdu. It was translated into Persian by Abdurrahman Sharafkandi or “Hazhar”, renowned Kurdish writer, poet and translator.


“The Canon of Medicine” was taught in West for 700 years and it was even taught until quite recently in Monkoul University in France.


Sir William Osler (1849-1919), Canadian physician and the Father of Modern Medicine considered Ibn Sina’s book as the Bible of Medicine and saw the creator as the author of one the most foremost teaching book till then.




Source: IBNA News Agency



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