Herbal medicines books by Iranian scholar in Scandinavia published

Herbal medicines books by Iranian scholar in Scandinavia published
IBNA- Director of the Cultural Institute of International Specialization ‘Negaresh-e Ida’, Mustafa Iran-Manesh who is an international researcher of Scandinavian universities, announced the future publication of five books on herbal medicines.



In an interview with IBNA, Seyyed Mustafa Iran-Manesh (PhD) announced four new book titles to be published in the coming Iranian year in the field of herbal medicines and talked about the importance of publishing books in this field as follows: “Iran is rich in scarce herbal medicines compared with other countries like India, China, and Greece. I’ve compiled my experimental works of 40 years of studies in this field in a book, and in addition, published a few books on fruits, packaging and marketing dry ingredients and herb teas.”


Answering a question about the source of his books, he said: “I’ve drawn on the most reliable sources from different eras including ‘Qanun’ (The Canon of Medicine) by Ibn Sina, works of Zakariya Razi and Sheikh Attar Neishabouri to compile my books. In the year 1998, I was working as the head of Iran's Pistachio Research Institute, and as the result of this experience five book titles on the subject of health management of pistachio orchards have been published which consequently led to the elimination of pistachio ‘Aflatoxin’  in the country forever.”



Source: IBNA News Agency




Feb 10, 2016 21:38
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