Rouhani thanks ‘health defenders’ on National Doctors Day

Rouhani thanks ‘health defenders’ on National Doctors Day
President Hassan Rouhani congratulated in a message the National Doctors Day to the “heroes who sacrificed their lives to save others”.



In a congratulatory message on Saturday, on the occasion of Iran’s National Doctors Day, Rouhani said, "This year's Doctors’ Day is an opportunity to honor the heroes who sincerely defended the health of the dear people of this land; those who sacrificed their lives to save their kind and bravely stood in the battle [against coronavirus].”



“Undoubtedly, this year's Doctor's Day is different for Iranian society; in this global crisis, Iran and, beyond it, the whole world fully respects the sacrifices and devotions of doctors. Now more than ever, we remember that some occupations, beyond the choice of a profession, are difficult to take responsibility for, and taking responsibility is a clear picture of altruism and a style of courageous living,” Rouhani added.


He said, “As the president and on behalf of a grateful nation, I bow to the responsibility-taking, self-sacrifice and bravery of doctors and all the pillars of the proud Iranian health system, and I believe that the nation's historical memory will place these sacrifices on the level of the veterans of the homeland.”


“I pay tribute to the families of the doctors and medical staff who endured the days without their loved ones, with anxiety and apprehension, and I sincerely hope that in the days of Iran's health, in the days of peace and full of life again, these longings will be made up, and we also owe a great deal to their sacrifice,” the president concluded.


Iran marks the National Doctors' Day on August 23 (August 22 on leap years) which coincides with the birth anniversary Abu Ali Sina, known in the West as Avicenna.


Avicenna was a great Iranian philosopher, physician, and scientist who had about 450 books on a wide range of issues, among them medicine and philosophy.



Source:MEHR News Agency

Aug 22, 2020 16:18
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