Iran leading Islamic country in science, technology

Iran leading Islamic country in science, technology
Ever-lasting face of architecture Mahmoud Golabchi said Iran is recognized as a leading country in Islamic world in science and technology.


According to the Public Relations Department of Mustafa Scientific Prize, Mahmoud Golabchi, one of the ever-lasting faces of Iran, pointed to the critical role of the Prize in development and improvement of science in Islamic World and said, “this is a positive move and may encourage scientific activities in Muslim countries, since Iran is a leading country in science and technology.”


Underlining the role of Islamic countries in promoting science, he said, “Muslims have been reputed for their knowledge and science production during the past ten centuries."


"From the beginning of Islamic history, there have been numerous Muslim scientists from Avicenna and Razi to Ibn Haytham and Nasir al-Din al-Tusi whose works have been considered as the top scientific works of their time.”


“This is the result of specific focus of Islam on science and the value of science for Muslim scientists. Muslim countries also must consider it as a responsibility.”


He said that the organization of the event demonstrates that Muslim Countries, at the top of them Islamic Republic of Iran, are leading countries in science development in the current world and they should try more for promoting their scientific position.


The first round of Mustafa Scientific Prize will take place on December 24-29 in Tehran.



Source:MEHR News Agency




Dec 16, 2020 13:28
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