All works of Avicenna critically published



In a press conference held yesterday, Gholam Reza Avani expounded on the future programs of the Institute and said it has 22 members in its scientific board in six groups with two main fields of study which are religious artistic philosophy and ethical philosophy.


As he said more than 40 research projects in six groups are being undertaken. The Institute is the sponsor of the international Congress of Rumi and has so far ordered some 148 articles.


He went on to talk a little about the Ph,D courses of the Institute and said there are 12 students and Islamic philosophy, seven in scientific studies and four more foreign students from credited universities of the world are presently taking PhD courses in the Institute. Moreover the Institute, as he added, enjoys different educational workshops like article writing workshops and free classes for philosophical studies which are attended by over 250 students.


Avani said publication of a journal titled as Eternal Wisdom is another activity of the Institute. What is more, the international Journals titled as Studying Rumi and Islamic Philosophy are being prepared for publication by the Institute, he said. Translation of Islamic philosophy texts into English, translation of some parts of oral divinity, Alaei Databook and Molasadra's divine witnesses into English are other plans and programs of the Institute.


Head of the Hekmat and Philosophy of Iran Institute said one of the biggest plans of the Center is revitalization of Avicenna's works in a critical and scientific approach is top on the agenda. "This edition of the works is excellent in quality, however, there still remains some 35 to 40% on works by the great scientist which are in the form of manuscripts and need to be edited and published," he added. "This is really a pity for all Islamic countries."


"To complete the project we have to spend over four years to gather data written by the scientist," he added, "the works will be published in three categories: first, works which have never been published before and are ready to be published now. Second, other works which have been published previously and finally in the third category we are concerned with is prominent works like the Shafa. The works will be published internationally.


Avani went on to say that a comprehensive bibliography of Iranian philosophy in 18 volumes by the Institute will be published. The collection has not been published yet but will be a fantastic resource for researchers.


Moreover the minister of science, research and technology has given the permission of establishing a center for conducting research on Rumi which will be in different sections like philosophy, art and mysticism.



Source: IBNA News Agency




Feb 2, 2010 13:05
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