Ancient version of “The Canon of Medicine” unveiled



The outstanding “The Canon of Medicine” was unveiled during a ceremony attended by cultural and scientific figures.


The individual version is a 14-volume medical encyclopedia written by Islamic scientist and physician Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna) and completed in 1025. The book was based on a combination of his own personal experience, medieval Islamic medicine, the writings of the Roman physician Galen, the Indian physicians Sushruta and Charaka, and Persian medicine, in addition to aspects of Chinese materia medica. Originally written in the Arabic language, the book was later translated into a number of other languages, including Persian, Latin, Chinese, Hebrew, German, French and English. The Canon is considered one of the most famous books in the history of medicine.


The head of the center of anthropology encyclopedia, Sadegh Mahfouzi said: About 3 months ago the book was purchased by the museum and is was kept as a new work between Avicenna’s works accommodated in the research museum so far.


The center of Iran’s anthropology encyclopedia is one of the biggest centers accommodating hand written works and manuscripts. Moreover the center communicates with universal scientific centers as UNESCO, Oxford, New York city’s university, Moscow University and Hamburg Islamic center.


Publishing 300 book titles as well as dozen’s or articles on anthropology and technologic matters are among the center’s activities.



Source: IBNA News Agency



Feb 16, 2010 13:19
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