"Avicenna's bibliography" in European languages

According to the compiler of "Avicenna's bibliography" the work was compiled during 25 years as it contains all the works related to Avicenna in European languages including translated and compiled books.



The work's compiler, Ramin Khanbegi said that for the first time the book was published in 2005 in England adding that currently the work is under publication as new sources were added and as it was reviewed again.


He added:" The bibliography has indexed all Avicenna's translated works which were converted into 12 languages including European languages and languages which contain Latin letters as well as books which were penned on him."


Khanbegi has penned Rumi's bibliography in the same way as well. He believes that works related to Avicenna are more than books related to Rumi. As Avicenna deeply impacted the west philosophy such a thing occurred. Moreover he said that the thoughts of this Muslim philosopher had a great role in developing west's philosophy, a role which ignoring it is impossible.


He went on to say that works which have been indexed in the work belong to the 14th century onwards and most of them could be found via British Library.


He explained that he decided to compile the work while he was studying philosophy and as he came to know about Avicenna's works in different languages and his impact on west philosophy.


"Avicenna's bibliography" is being published by Academic print center.




Source: IBNA News Agency



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